Long Time, No Blog

Hello, People of Dubious Origin! Long time no talk!

The definition of "dubious origin."

The definition of “dubious origin.”


Things are going pretty good. Here’s a short update:

We’re 3 months from the wedding. School is…school. I am now a copywriter.


lol Frodo.

lol Frodo.


Anyway, school is over in about 4 weeks and I’m taking the summer off, which means I’ll be back to blogging my butt off. I’m putting together some Tidbit Tuesdays to ease myself back into the blogging game. In the meantime, there are several places you can keep up with me.

Twitter – Obviously.

Facebook – I heard it’s the new MySpace.

Pinterest – Now with more food history and anthropology. And pugs.

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


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