Aaaand We’re Back

Well, not really. That was just a ploy to make you read.

That guy looks like Spock.

That guy looks like Spock.


One thing that happens, year after year, is December becomes my blog’s high point because of this. It’s also the time of year that makes me say “Yes, I will come back to this!” and then I kinda…don’t. That makes me sad.

sad pug

So this time, I’m not going to say when I’ll be back or what I plan to do or any of that junk because it always backfires. But I will say: I’ll be back.

Back bacon. Bet you didn't expect that!

Back bacon. Bet you didn’t expect that!


For now, enjoy what I’ve posted and know that I am learning SO MUCH about research, food, stories, writing…I’ve made it a point, however, not to learn how to Photoshop better because where’s the sense in that? I’m already a pro.



To everyone who has read, liked, commented in the last month – thank you. I’m always so honored when readers find my blog enjoyable. It’s inspiring knowing that what I feel passionate about is of interest to others. It’s good to know you care.


So for now, I’m going to keep trying to get OK grades in school. When I have a little downtime, I’ll come back and tell some food stories, aka “Foodlore,” a phrase my father coined in a fit on excitement about my future. In the meantime, feel free to read some of my old stuff. But not the really old stuff. It’s not very good.


This is The Foodlorist, signing out…for now.


Keep eating and asking, my friends.


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