Teaser Post: You Can Find Them In Video Games…

You can find them in video games.

There are no WHAT up here???

You can find them in the White House front lawn.

You can find them with bunnies.


What’s my next post?

Keep eating and asking, my friends.



Remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school? All you really wanted was a piece of crappy chocolate taped to the flimsy Looney Tunes or Lisa Frank card you got? Instead (horror of horrors!) you get Sweethearts. UGH! Who gives Sweethearts!? If I wanted to eat colored chalk I’d just run up to the blackboard and eat the teacher’s generic brand of sedimentary rock! Worst Valentine’s Day EVARR.

(I’m looking at you, girl who sat in front of me in second grade whose name I can’t remember.)



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