The 25 Days of Christmas Food

I’ve had an idea. A dangerous idea, one that will probably destroy what little sanity I have left, but also possibly a brilliant idea.

Brilliant, but cray cray.

There’s this obsession with the Christmas countdown. Ya know, advent calendars, ABC Family and their 25 Days of Christmas (during which they show more Christmas themed movies than you knew existed), etc. So I thought I’d get in on the action.

HOHOHO it's MY Christmas wish that all the little boys and girls spend the next 25 days glued to their couches staring at the TV! What a wonderful way to celebrate a holiday!

I’m going to do my own 25 Days of Christmas…Food. Every day, starting tomorrow, I will give you a new piece of Christmas food information. The posts will range between short paragraphs and all-inclusive. I’m going to try and sample a little bit of Christmas tradition from all around the world. Italian traditions, American traditions, Norwegian traditions, even Japanese traditions. I love Japan. It is one of my favorite places of all time ever.

I love Japan.

I know. I anticipate some serious stress, but let’s see if I can do it. I also have about three Hanukkah posts planned, so towards the end I’m gonna step it up with some daily double posting.

My mom makes better latkes than your mom.

Brb, gotta unstick this look of terror from my face.


Ok, I’m back.

That’s my idea. My possibly delusional idea. Keep your eye out for the first post tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Quick, someone get this for me.

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


P.S. Post Christmas I’m going to try and get some more non-western information up. I’m looking for ideas from the tiger area of the world.

The Tiger Area.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d like to hear them!

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


UPDATE: Totally not gonna be doing anything for Hanukkah this year. The 25 Days is taking up all my time. Next year!

Harry Potter and the Treacle Tart: Part III

Welcome to Part III of Harry Potter and the Treacle Tart. This is going to focus mainly on golden syrup, the light treacle that I’ve mentioned a couple times but still haven’t explained to you. The thing about golden syrup is, its history is inseparable from Lyle’s Golden Syrup so this is the story of both.

Also, at the end I’ll be revealing a secret that will literally knock your socks off. Seriously, you’ll be like “I HAD NO IDEA!” and weep that you were fortunate to gain such important knowledge.



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Harry Potter and the Treacle Tart: Part II

The story of the treacle tart is not as simple as it seems. Not only does treacle’s history go back to the beginnings of western civilization, but there are different types. It’s not as simple as “treacle.” There’s black treacle, medium brown treacle, and light treacle, also known as golden syrup.

The term “treacle” is used mainly to describe the black or brown forms of the syrup. However, it seems that the term is used loosely to describe several different kinds of sugar syrups, including golden. My mum insists that this isn’t so and, since she’s all British and stuff and would know first hand, I’m inclined to believe her. But what I really think is that there isn’t any sort of consensus on when which syrup is called what and why.

Like I'd pass up a chance to feature a picture of confused pugs...

Further, the name confusion makes it unclear about which treacle Mr. Weasley is pouring onto his porridge. Is it golden syrup or the black/brown treacle? It might be the traditional black treacle because the wizarding world, while advanced in so many ways, is also rooted firmly in older traditions. Golden syrup has only been around since the 1880’s and…well now I’m babbling.

"You are babbling, please stop."

The only real way to know is by asking J.K. Rowling herself. Could you imagine her opening a letter that said “Hey, JK, I was just wondering, what type of treacle is Mr. Weasley putting on his porridge? Yours truly, Esther.”

Yeah, right.

LOL you guys, I just got this letter from some girl named Esther about the type of treacle Mr. Weasley eats. This girl obviously has no life lololol.

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Harry Potter and the Treacle Tart: Part I

Recently, I began re-listening to the Harry Potter series on audiobook. This isn’t anything new for me. I spent an entire summer listening to all seven books on repeat. It’s relaxing. Don’t judge me.

The movie has come and gone, but just looking at this sends me into fits of giggles.

I love the magic and fantasy. I love that even the names of the characters have a history (“Sirius” is a dog constellation and “Remus” was one of Rome’s founders who was suckled by a she-wolf). But what I love the most about the series are descriptions of the food. The idea of anyone being fed such succulent dishes in a British boarding school, after hearing about my mom’s own British boarding school food experiences, is magically in and of itself.

Yea, so this is a complete lie.

So yea, I love Harry Potter. But let’s get to the point.


It's like tar in a tin!

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I Digress…Forgotten Foods

UPDATE: Added a little more info about each food based on the signs that were at the festival, as well as pictures of the things I ate. They were tasty. Thanks to Sarah Levitsky, Marketing and Special Events Coordinator at Reading Terminal Market.

This is sort of a digression, but don’t worry, I’m still working on my next history lesson for you all. I discovered an event (ok, fine, my friend Maggie discovered it) that’s happening in Philly this Saturday, Nov 12, that was right up my alley. I wanted to share so that those of you who are in Philly might have the opportunity to partake in the event.

It’s the Festival of Forgotten Foods at the Reading Terminal Market.

Forgotten Foods!

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