Teaser Post: Elementary School Valentine…

This one is chalky…


And classic…

Doesn't get more classic than this.


And quite talkative…



What’s my next post?

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


Big Thank You!

To my Darling Readers,

Thank you for reading and sharing and being wonderfully curious.

I’ve already started planning next year’s 25 Days of Christmas (Food), with a couple tweaks to my process (ya know, so it doesn’t take until mid-February to finish). So far I have planned….well, mostly just fruitcake since I skipped it (there were too many fruitcake-like items already). I’ll also be able to throw up those Hanukkah posts I planned.

Fried things.


I’m going to update a few of the posts since I feel there are some I didn’t have time to properly explore. Plus, I have some awesome Photoshops I didn’t make due to time constraints.

It’s been tough and so rewarding and I’m very proud. When it comes down to it I did 23 posts in 23 days. I’ve never worked on anything this hard in my life, and I definitely didn’t work this hard in college. I have no idea how I graduated (I totally do. I’m a great manipulator).

This is me when I graduated and this picture is hilarious because my gown was just way too big youguys lol omg.

And remember to check out the Philadelphia Science Festival blog, my second home for the next three months. There’ll be some nifty food science going on!

Keep eating and asking, my friends.