Introducing: The Hodgepodge

If you’re familiar with my Twitter account, you’re familiar with my habit of occasionally over-tweeting links. While I love sharing the work of my fellows, it’s not particularly sustainable. I’ve decided to cave to the latest trend and post a listacle every week with what I think are the best of the best, and since what I think is usually correct, you’ll know you truly are seeing the very best on teh interwebz.

It shall be called: The Hodgepodge.


This is a hodgepodge.


All links will relate to food history, anthropology, culture, and so on. I’ll try to keep it short, 5-7 links, but obviously no promises. I’ll try to keep it witty, but definitely no promises.

Today’s Hodgepodge only includes links from…well…yesterday and today, but starting next week you’ll get a real Hodgepodge. There’s also more links than normal, which might leave you wondering how I’m going to narrow down a full week to 7 links when I can’t even do it for 2 days.

Things To Do With Watermelon – The Old Foodie

Remember that Portlandia sketch “We Can Pickle That”? Turns out they’re a little behind the times. The Old Foodie’s post on what to do with watermelon features recipes for watermelon jam and watermelon pickles.

watermelon pickles

Watermelon pickles. Yum?


Celebrate the Summer Solstice Like a Swede – The Kitchn

Sweden isn’t all meatballs and Ikea; they love a good food-filled celebration as well. And when you don’t see the sun for the majority of the summer, its appearance is a definite cause for celebration. Swedish midsommar is a national holiday filled the kind of smörgåsbord Lancaster, PA restaurants can only dream about.

swedish midsommer food

Midsommer food. I’m hungry.


The Boreal Feast: A Cookbook for Midsummer – Toronto Tasting Notes

On a related note, Michele Genest, a Yukon chef, writer, and forager, has just released “The Boreal Feast: A Culinary Journey Through the North.” Finally, a use for your supply of spruce tips, birch syrup, and lichen.

boreal feast


Yankee Doodle Pizza Pie – Retro Recipe Attempts

The 4th of July is coming up, and what better way to celebrate than a pizza covered in beans. This recipe for Yankee Doodle Pizza Pie will have your BBQ guests running to the bathroom in, uh, explosive celebration.

yankee doodle pizza pie

The beans really make it special.


It Looks Good Enough to Eat: Oasis Leek Pie – The Historical Cooking Project

Speaking of retro recipes, here’s one for Oasis leek pie. Even more surprising: it tastes good. 

oasis leek pie

Picture vs IRL


Kurt Vonnegut: Spiked Three Musketeers Bars – Paper and Salt

Paper and Salt, one of my all time favorite blogs, recreates dishes mentioned in letters, diaries, essays, and fiction of literary geniuses. This week, it’s spiked Three Musketeers Bars, inspired by Kurt Vonnegut.

kurt vonnegut three musketeers


Snow in Summer: A Global History of Frozen Treats – Hungry History

The (abridged) history of ice cream. Because ice cream.

ice cream sundae



Cut Your Cake & Keep it Fresh Too – The Salt

Finally, not completely relevant, but since it’s about cake it qualifies as important. Keep it fresh, even after you cut it.

Chocolate Mousse Cake Slice

This is a picture of cake.


That’s it for this week.

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


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