Admission of Defeat

Oy. This did not go nearly as smoothly as I hoped.

Get it? Cause it's Rocky Road?

Get it? Cause it’s Rocky Road?


Last year I was unemployed and living in a place I hated. My guess is 25 Days was a special way to escape that. It turned out to be so much fun that I was determined to do it again the following year, but plan ahead so there wasn’t the same scramble.

Obviously I didn’t end up planning.

My life has blown up in pretty amazing ways since that fateful Christmas. In the last few months I moved to a place I love and got engaged. In the last few weeks I got my first “grown-up” full-time job (ever) and into grad school (yay!). Then I had my stint with the steroids which, while not amazing, was kind of time consuming. All in all though, this has been a fantastic (almost full) year.



I am immensely thankful for all that’s happened (except the steroids) but I am not thankful for my lack of blog planning. This blog is my baby and I’m surprised blog social services hasn’t turned up and taken it away. With two days till Christmas, I have to admit defeat. These posts aren’t happening before the 25th and I hang my head in shame. Actually, I cried about it the other day.

Pssssh, no! That’s totally not overdramatic! How dare you suggest it!


Srsly, not an overreaction at all.



I’m still going to do the posts because my baby needs some love. They’ll just go up after Christmas. Which is when everyone wants to read things about Christmas. Afterwards.

Honestly, this post is kind of a plea for understanding because I’m needy and want to justify myself but out of everyone in the world, I’m probably the most disappointed. Not angry. Just disappointed.

I think this year I will plan. That way I can get a couple non-Christmas holiday season foods up as well.

Like Decemberween!

Holidays like Decemberween!


On the plus side, I did end up with this marvelous new banner by this guy.

You're jealous.

You’re jealous.

I hope everyone had/has a great holiday! Go eat a lot of food cause duuuuh.

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


7 thoughts on “Admission of Defeat

  1. bluffkinghal says:

    Aww don’t worry. Later is fine too. I shall be eagerly waiting! I’ve wanted to do a Tudor Christmas post, but not happening. Still, tomorrow is another day. Congratulations on your engagement. 🙂

  2. Tracy C. says:

    Love that you have a passion for food history and a live of sharing that passion via you blog.

    I always enjoy reading you blog and especially your quirky explanations and descriptions.

    Congrats on having a great year! Keep eating and posting. I and you’re other fans will enjoy your posts whenever you decide to publish.

    Happy holidays from San Francisco, CA.

  3. Tracy C. says:

    I love your passion for the story of food and your passion for sharing your stories with all of us. Don’t worry about not having a big xmas spectacular…we don’t need a big blog, just a great blog – which is exactly what you have.

    Keep eating and writing and your fans (like me) will keep reading and eating.

    Have a great holiday from a big fan in San Francisco, CA where I’ll be eating my local and family traditional xmas eve dinner of cioppino, garlic bread and lots of red wine.


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