Tidbit Tuesday: A Halloween Menu

Well, hello! It’s Tidbit Tuesday!


Today’s Tidbit is a short but thematically correct one. It’s a Halloween menu published in the Fort Wayne Sentinel on October 29, 1906.

(Chicago Record-Herald)
When stars shoot and owls hoot,
And bats fly in and out,
When fire burns blue, and candles too,
The witches are about.
Baked Apples.
Oatmeal with Cream.
A Mysterious Stew.      Corn Meal Puffs.
Doughnuts. Coffee.
Chestnut Soup (Martha’s) Bread Sticks,
Autumn Canape.
Wafers.            Tea.
Brussles Sprouts Consomme.
Roast Duck Stuffed with Mashed Potatoes.
Hominy Crescents.      Cider Jelly.
Harvest Salad, served in Cabbage Bowl.
Pumpkin Pie.   Nuts.

The Old Foodie (which is an excellent, amazing, awesome blog)
A little different from the Halloween menu we’re familiar with today…

A liiiiiiiiiiiittle different from roast duck.


Keep eating and asking, my friends.


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