Tidbit Tuesday: Language of the Soda Fountain

Aw yis. You know what day it is.

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If you’re a normal human being, you love ice cream. If you’re not a normal human being, then you may be an alien. If you’re a nostalgic human being, you love the idea of the Soda Fountain.

soda fountain

It’s a soda jerk. Haven’t you always wondered why he’s called a jerk?


The first Soda Fountain shows up in the 1820s, but didn’t gain popularity until one made a guest appearance at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. They didn’t reach full steam until 1919 when prohibition made life a whole lot more boring. With nothing to drink but milkshakes, the explosion of the soda fountain culture spawned a new food language.

1876 Philadelphia Centennial soda fountain

Mammoth Soda Fountain at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exposition. There were a few other fountains there, including Tuft’s.


Soda fountain lingo developed because orders were placed without the use of tickets or computers (unless there were androids which is entirely possible). It needed to be clear and concise because the intense and busy environment didn’t leave much time for deciphering orders. They also needed to be memorable so something like “dog and maggot” wasn’t uncommon.

Here’s some of my favorite soda fountain language.

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Introducing: The Hodgepodge

If you’re familiar with my Twitter account, you’re familiar with my habit of occasionally over-tweeting links. While I love sharing the work of my fellows, it’s not particularly sustainable. I’ve decided to cave to the latest trend and post a listacle every week with what I think are the best of the best, and since what I think is usually correct, you’ll know you truly are seeing the very best on teh interwebz.

It shall be called: The Hodgepodge.


This is a hodgepodge.


All links will relate to food history, anthropology, culture, and so on. I’ll try to keep it short, 5-7 links, but obviously no promises. I’ll try to keep it witty, but definitely no promises.

Today’s Hodgepodge only includes links from…well…yesterday and today, but starting next week you’ll get a real Hodgepodge. There’s also more links than normal, which might leave you wondering how I’m going to narrow down a full week to 7 links when I can’t even do it for 2 days.

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Tidbit Tuesday: Yes, They’re Trying To Sell You Something

Oh, hello there! Looks like it’s time for a new Tidbit Tuesday!

tidbit tuesday(source)

(Yeah, a year late, I know.)

Frodo sez “Ur late.”


Recently I completed an essay on advertising and marketing in food. During my travels across the internet, I had the pleasure of uncover several facts about food marketing over the centuries. Here are some of my favorites.

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Tidbit Tuesday: ASFS/AFHVS 2013 Conference

Aloha! Looks like it’s time for a lil’ Tidbit Tuesday!

Pretty sure these are just blocks of butter.

Pretty sure these are just blocks of butter.


As you may (or may not) know, I spent most of last week at the ASFS/AFHVS 2013 Conference. It was titled “Toward Sustainable Foodscapes and Landscapes.”


Oooooh. Aaaaaah.

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Long Time, No Blog

Hello, People of Dubious Origin! Long time no talk!

The definition of "dubious origin."

The definition of “dubious origin.”


Things are going pretty good. Here’s a short update:

We’re 3 months from the wedding. School is…school. I am now a copywriter.


lol Frodo.

lol Frodo.


Anyway, school is over in about 4 weeks and I’m taking the summer off, which means I’ll be back to blogging my butt off. I’m putting together some Tidbit Tuesdays to ease myself back into the blogging game. In the meantime, there are several places you can keep up with me.

Twitter – Obviously.

Facebook – I heard it’s the new MySpace.

Pinterest – Now with more food history and anthropology. And pugs.

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


Admission of Defeat

Oy. This did not go nearly as smoothly as I hoped.

Get it? Cause it's Rocky Road?

Get it? Cause it’s Rocky Road?


Last year I was unemployed and living in a place I hated. My guess is 25 Days was a special way to escape that. It turned out to be so much fun that I was determined to do it again the following year, but plan ahead so there wasn’t the same scramble.

Obviously I didn’t end up planning.

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Tidbit Tuesday: My Awesome Banner

Oh, hey! It’s Tidbit Tuesday! Kind of. Not really. Not at all.

BUT you may have noticed that I have this new mega-awesome-super-duper-best-ever banner!




And it’s all thanks to this guy right here:

This is my friend Giancarlo. He's not really a dinosaur.

This is my friend Giancarlo. He’s not really a dinosaur.

Check his stuff here, his Twitter here, and his Facebook here. It’s the polite thing to do.

Keep eating and asking, my friends.