Day 3: The Great Supper & Thirteen Desserts of Provence

In case you hadn’t noticed, France is a diverse world of culinary traditions and glamorously thin people.

I want to be them.

Ok, maybe not everyone is glamorously thin, but the part about the food is true. It’s the birthplace of haute cuisine and constant inspiration to chefs (and amateurs) everywhere. So it’s no surprise that the region of Provence has it’s own special Christmas tradition. It’s called Le Gros Souper et Les Treizes Dessert de Noêl, or (for those of us who don’t speak French, like me) The Great Supper and the Thirteen Desserts.

Thirteen Desserts.

This double tradition originated in Marseille at the beginning of the 19th century. Both the supper and desserts are rife with religious symbolism that have to do with both the number of dishes served as well as the types of foods and decorations.

This painting seems to be one of a more boisterous Great Supper. Le Gros Souper, School of Lancert.

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