Day 11: Japanese Christmas Delights

I love Japan. Love it. I love the history, the culture, the language. I tried to learn Japanese once. It kind of worked.

If Japan was up on a stage performing I would be that girl standing up front screaming her head off, crying, and fainting.

I’m really bad at languages.

In any case, the country flat out fascinates me. I also watch anime.


Deal with it.

In many anime series, there’s the typical Christmas episode you get with so many Western TV shows. But the anime Christmas episode is a little different. It focuses less on the message of togetherness and family and more on romance.

SPOILER ALERT: Notice the cake.

Which is weird, right? Cause, seriously, what was so romantic about Jesus being born? Not a whole lot. I mean, there was a donkey hanging out nearby. Awkwwwaaaarrrrd.

"Hey Mary, what's up? Oh, you're a virgin and you just gave birth? That's cool. I'm a donkey."

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