Watch the Pot, for It Shall Boil

Hello, readers!

They're so eeny weeny.

They’re so eeny weeny.


I realize that I have sadly neglected my blog for a very long time and with Christmas coming around, I’m getting the customary increase in hits (PAGE VIEWS!!!!!).




There are a multitude of reasons for my laxness (the most notable of which are getting married, relocating to Boston, and going to grad school while working a full time job) but the time has come to pony up and do what I came here to do:

Write a bunch of stuff about food that people will or will not read.

This is a fine and accurate example of food.

This is a fine and accurate example of food.


I’m taking my winter break to reorganize, rethink, and refocus. My time at Boston University’s Gastronomy program has helped me narrow down my interests even further, making this here blog easier to handle. After all, writing is a journey (seriously, read my first post then read my most recent post – it’s embarrassing). First you find your voice, then you find your topic, then you find out how to make millions of dollars by writing silly blog posts on the internet.

What have we learned?

  1. Write
  2. Find voice
  3. ????
  4. PROFIT!



So, to those that are new: Keep an eye on this space for it shall be glorious.

And to those that are old: Thanks for not giving up on me.

Keep eating and asking, my friends.



The Show Will Resume At The End of the Interval

Good afternoon, my magical readers and seekers of knowledge.

I would like to take this moment to point out a glaringly obvious fact: I am on an interval.

“Interval” is British for “intermission.”

I’m snobby.

I want to be this kind of British snob.


Most of you have guessed that my next post is (and still will be) Easter eggs. I’m a little late. It happens. Always.

To keep you amused until the end of my own personal interval, I’d like to share these images of Easter eggs I made in 2007. I was the coolest almost-21-year-old ever.

This is an Easter egg monster.

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