Exciting News! (Seriously, It Deserves the !)

Hey guys!

So, I wanted to share some fun and exciting news with you. Seriously, I’m so stoked.

Just like this guy is stoking a fire.


You should probably sit down for this.



I’m going to be blogging for the Philadelphia Science Festival!


That’s right, the amazing festival that spawned my goat cheese series has opened up it’s big, festivally arms and welcomed me in with a giant, fesitvally hug.

The festival, which runs April 20-29th and boasts some pretty interesting events (BEER!!), will keep me pretty busy starting the beginning of February, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be neglecting my Why’d You Eat That? posts. There’s been a slight lapse since Christmas, which I attribute to an utter and complete burnout, but I’m gearing up for my next post.


As always, I invite you to leave me suggestions or questions. I want to answer them! I got tons of excellent food books for Christmas that are begging to be used over and over. Those books may not admit it to themselves, but they like being used. I think it’s a psychological thing.

Anyone know a good therapist for books?

He's an open book when it comes to his therapist. LOL GET IT.

source, source, and source

Anyway, make sure to like PSF on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. And like and follow me as well! I mean, I’m assuming you have, but do it again, just in case.

So, let’s get down to business.

I realize that has nothing to do with anything. I just really like Mulan. Like that part where he’s like “Did they send me daughters instead of sons?” It’s because she’s a girl. Get it?

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


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