We Tried Making Mozzarella…

I thought this would be a good supplement to Cheese: Go Make Some. It’s a few things I noticed when my boyfriend made mozzarella. He did, in fact, go make some while I was writing that last post. It didn’t turn out exactly how we’d have liked, but here are some homemade pictures from me. He’s made it twice before and used a video by Rahm Fama from the Food Network as a guide, which I’ll post after pictures.

This is the beginning of the curdling process before a firm curd has formed.

Cut curds in small squares.

Curds after a little while cooking. Notice they're beginning to sink as more water is expelled.


More sinkage.

Drained curd. I wouldn't suggest using a sifter like that. I'll explain below.

I should mention something about the draining of the whey. Recipes on the internet for mozzarella instruct one to drain the curd in a colander lined with cheese cloth. If there is no cheese cloth available, a workable substitute is coffee filters. However, I’ve found that cheese cloth is much easier. But, if you really really don’t want to buy the cheese cloth, make sure to get big coffee filters. Believe me when I say bigger is better. The small metal sifter we tried using when the coffee filters weren’t working wasn’t a great idea either.

Colander lined in cheese cloth. The way to go.

Also, when stretching mozzarella, wear gloves, latex or non-latex, and definitely double them up. In fact, you might want to get a pair of rubber dishwashing gloves and keep them specifically for mozzarella stretching. The water gets hot. Really hot.

Here’s the recipe for mozzarella from New England Cheesemaking Supplies (which you should really check out if you’re interested in making cheese) and here’s the video:

Hope that’s helpful. You may not get it right the first time, but don’t give up!

If I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Keep eating and asking, my friends.


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