By The Way: Philly Science Fest

After missing the first Philly Science Festival event I planned on going to (following directions – not my strong point), I made certain to get to Modified last night. It was a look at GMO’s and the future of food.

This was actually used in one of the PowerPoints. I thought it was hilarious.

Like most of the people there (I can make this assumption based on the questions asked after each panelist spoke, which may or may not be making an ass out of me), I expected the event to be a lecture against GMO’s. What it actually was was a wake up call. It focused on the lack of scientific evidence that GMO’s are harmful.

That was the first half. The second half was the ethical questions that usually make up the argument against them. The whole thing made me rethink my feelings about GM food. I’ll definitely be doing a post about them. Eventually.

I’m writing about it to point out the importance of attending events such as the Science Festival. It pushes you to think. Expand your horizons a little. Dive into some knowledge based clichés.

That being said, I’m totally looking forward to eating cheese and finding out how microbes play a role in the cheese making process at Di Bruno Bros tonight. My brain needs some recovery time.


Keep eating and asking, my friends.



2 thoughts on “By The Way: Philly Science Fest

  1. Ken Albala says:

    Hey Esther, What a fun blog. Thanks for finding me on twitter, which is what lead me here. I’m looking forward to what you find about about the cheese. Do post if you can.

    Best, Ken

    • Esther says:

      Found out a lot about cheese making tonight. I recorded the lecture and hopefully the quality is good enough for me to re-listen so I can let everyone know about it.

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