My Inbox Overfloweth

I’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions from a bunch of people I’ve invited to my Facebook event. They’re varied, interesting, and, well, complicated. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Here’s a bunch of them:

-Comfort foods – where they originated and why we eat them

-Pennsylvania Dutch New Year’s – the PA Dutch eat pork & sauerkraut for good luck on New Year’s

-British food – why beans and toast? where did the reputation for being bad cooks come from?

-Purim – quote: “How can it be important to get so drunk you dont know the difference between Blessed be Mordechai and Cursed be Haman?”

-Southern (American) food – why do southern people (like those from Louisiana) like their food so spicy?

-Staples – such as bread, apples, milk, and eggs

-Indian food and Korean food

-Pancakes on Mardi Gras

-Welsh food – Welsh cakes, cawl, the truth about pasties (yum)

-Mac & Cheese – when was it invented? quote: “Because on President’s Day Panera Bread emailed me that Thomas Jefferson loved mac & cheese and I was all ‘Did they even eat mac & cheese back then?'”

-Variants on particular foods in different regions – example: borscht is eaten cold by Russians/Ukrainians/Romanians and warm by the Polish

-Similarities between foods in very different cultures, like Pakistani and Indian


-Differences in food names (pop vs soda, hoagies vs subs)

-Unpasteurized/raw cheeses that are banned from import into the US

-How Slavic food has evolved.

Remember, keep sending me your suggestions. It’s a lot, but I’m going to tackle them all. In time…



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